Week Two: Veggie January

Katsu tofu curry supplies!

We've now done 16 days of vegetarian goodness and we're still feeling good!

Apart from one morning when Phil had to have chicken nuggets (we went and got some quorn ones for lunch...) and me really fancying some sort of Chinese (well, I suppose you could have beancurd?!) We've not had any wobbles.

This week we've had all kinds of food... A homemade leek and broccoli pasta bake, halloumi and portobello mushroom peri peri flatbreads a la Nando's, Linda MaCartney mozzarella burgers and a Tofu katsu curry and vegan schnitzel. All good all in all!

Pretend 'Nando's' halloumi flatbreads 

Lunches have still been tough. I've had feta and red pepper tarts with salad, as well as some salad boxes from Morrisons, which have quite a bit of veggie stuff in - from falafel to couscous to noodles.

A working lunch as always!

Meanwhile, Phil has been having soup and cheese and onion rolls, he loves the minestrone soup from Aldi, so any veggies out there - apparently it's the nicest soup he's ever had!

In a moment of madness, we decided not only to eat a healthy vegetarian diet this month, but also take on RED January.

We've both been working out. It's not like us at all...

RED January stands for Run Every Day - but we have decided just to be active every day! So far I've done all but two days, and Phil's done loads as well.

In December I went for maybe three runs... so swimming, running, aerobics or weight training everyday has been a bit of a slog!

But we're both feeling better than we were before (apart from achey muscles...) so hopefully we can continue after our holiday and we'll both be looking buff by summer lol...

Mint aero and mint oreo rocky road... nom

... As long as we don't keep baking this rocky road haha!


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