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A love letter to... my crappy old flat

A mouse came out from under the fireplace. I screamed and it ran back under, hopefully down the chimney. But still, it was the latest in a number of unfortunate reasons why I am dying to move out of my tiny flat and into the house me and my boyfriend had an offer accepted on in November, seven months ago. In my tiny flat, the TV aerial is no longer working, the oven isn't good for baking, the toilet chain is on the blink and there's just not enough space for both of us when Jono is staying with me. The last thing I need is a rodent infestation.  An admittedly huge part of the problem was I hadn't planned on staying in this flat long, and I certainly hadn't envisaged someone else spending so much time here with me! When I first moved in I was decidedly moving on soon, and moving on solo. I'd taken it on without looking at many other places as I needed to leave the house I'd shared with my ex-boyfriend quickly. It needed to be cheap enough so I could afford the bi