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Seven Days in Kefalonia

I've wanted to go to Kefalonia for such a long time! While I was in sixth form, our English Lit class got the choice whether we wanted to study Captain Corelli's Mandolin, and ever since seeing what the island (where the book is set) looks like, I've always wanted to visit. Picking somewhere for a summer holiday, we chose Kefalonia as it had lots of nice scenery and stunning beaches, as well as some cheaper accommodation options, but most importantly, it is one of the Greek islands that (allegedly!) stays cooler in the summer. However, despite averages being around 25 degrees for June/July, it was actually 31/32 degrees all week! Killer! To be honest, we'd have seen a lot more while we were there except for the fact that it was so warm - I'm not great in the heat, so walking round castle ruins etc with no shade in the midday sun? Nah! Not for me! But that only means if we want to visit again we'll have plenty more to see! Here's a guide to so