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My Night at the General Election Count

All Hull City Council employees got an email a couple of weeks ago asking if they wanted to be an election assistant, and I'd always wanted to do a count so I jumped at the chance! I had expected a chunk of expenses to come through this month, but they will be coming in in January instead, so I am a bit short on Christmas cash - and at £15 an hour I thought the election was a good money making opportunity for me! I've always been really interested in politics and wanted to be part of the action. I wasn't really sure what to expect at all or how the night would go. Sugar to get me through the night! Here's what I learnt! - You arrive at 9.15pm and the count starts with postal votes at 10pm, then at 10.15pm our polling booth votes came in. You count all the voting slips to ensure they match the numbers given by the polling station, checked by the person next to you, then after they've all been verified you start to count the individual parties. This didn