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Mancia - a restaurant review

HU5 is home to plenty of neighbourhood restaurants - small, friendly, family run places loved by locals and less well know among people from outside the postcode. The latest of these eateries is Mancia on Newland Avenue. I first noticed Mancia pop up in a couple of local Facebook groups and thought the food looked amazing. I love Southern Italian cooking and this restaurant specialises in Sicilian cuisine, so I knew I had to try it.  We booked in at 7pm on Saturday and weren't really sure what to expect! The restaurant is in a former cafe and looks pretty small from the outside.  Ready for food! On first appearances, the restaurant looked fresh and modern, it was tiled white and decorated with lovely shelves of pots. The dining room is pretty small, so it's no wonder they're always fully booked, with the chef cooking in an open area at the back of the room. When we arrived we gave our name to the waitress, who was a lovely, motherly Italian woman. She showed us to our table