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Valentine's Day Restaurant Review: J Johnsons Wine Bar and Bistro

J Johnsons is somewhere I’ve been for lunch and drinks but I’ve never been for a proper meal there, despite the main menu looking really inviting. The setting of the restaurant is really nice too - and I thought it looked like a really romantic location for Valentine’s Day, so we decided to book a table. Last year was our first Valentine's Day as a couple, but as we were locked down we ended up having a lovely afternoon tea delivered from Artisan on Newland Avenue. So going out was really nice for us this year! The restaurant is normally closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so they opened specially to welcome us loved-up couples on Valentine’s Day last Monday. The upstairs restaurant    First impressions were good, the restaurant was lit with candles and had roses and red napkins on the tables, creating a lovely romantic setting, which looked great in the rustic venue. We were eating upstairs, and were guided to our table before being given a menu. There was a little bit of a wait