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Why I thought I'd hate living in Hull (and why I was wrong).

Hull. The word itself is a mix of 'hell' and 'dull'. It doesn't have a great reputation does it?! When I made the choice to move to Hull, it was kind of with a gun to my head. My boyfriend had decided his future was in Hull, so I'd decided to take on a job here and we'd moved to Beverley a year or so previously. When we broke up last August, I was kind of stuck. My job was in Hull, I didn't really want to move back to boring Goole, I didn't want to commute, and I didn't like any of the homes in Beverley that were in my price range. Moving to Hull was the pragmatic option - I would be close to work, wouldn't have to commute, could afford a place of my own on my single wage. On September 9th I took on a six-month contract and decided that by the time it rolled around to March 9th I could hand in my notice and move absolutely anywhere I wanted in the world. Well. Obviously as it turned out March 9th was NOT the time I could star