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Seven Days Living from a Foodbank

The food parcel I had to last me seven days I often do crazy things for features at work, like deciding to visit Auschwitz in a day with a group of local school children. That was a long and emotionally and physically exhausting day! After seeing a local woman take on a month of living from a food bank to raise money for the Trussell Trust charity, I wondered whether it might be worth spending seven days living from a food bank and documenting it for a feature in the newspaper. I collected an emergency food parcel from local food bank, Mission Trinity (with a £20 donation to cover costs), to see how it felt to live on generosity of others - and not be able to choose any of your own food - for a week. This was going to be a real challenge for me - as I'm sure you all know I would describe myself as a generally hungry person who loves food. I HATE tinned peaches I love home cooking and will happily come home from work and make lasagna, risotto, or a moussaka, an

To Run, or Not to Run...

I have a decision to make. To run the Great North Run this year... or not… I signed up to the ballot this year and was disappointed not to get in, but also quite relieved to be honest. For so many reasons completing the race is such a hard task - it’s nowhere near as simple as running 13.1 miles! For a start, it's such a task just getting up there. You have to stay overnight, but the hotels all book up, the last few times I’ve stayed at air bnbs miles out from the start line. Also, race day is so hectic. Last year, between the toilet queues and the busy public transport system we got stuck on for hours, the day was stressful even without the run. I’m not too sure I want to do it all again. Another problem is it's such a hard course. I’m looking forward to trying the Hull half in June as that one is flat! Also, training is at the warmest part of the year so you know you have to keep running through July and August. If you aren’t good in the heat like me, you kn