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Veggie January: Week Four

A classic Pinoli pizza at Zizzi Our final week was here! Back from a week holidaying in Lanzarote, we kept our promise of completing our challenge when we got back. We headed to the supermarket and rather than having a set list of meals to make, we decided to just have a look in the fridges and freezers and see what Morrisons had to offer! I was completely over healthy eating the week after I got back from holiday. It was sooooo cold when we touched town, I'd got used to eating big portions on holiday and just thought, well, might as well have another week off the calorie counting... Veggie sausage, mash and a northern amount of veggie gravy... We ate a few different dishes, Phil fancied a curry so we had butter chicken curry with quorn pieces, I made a tagine with quorn pieces another day, we had a lasagna made with vegan mince, and we had some easy meals like sausage and mash when I craved some classic British food after a week abroad (none of that foreign muck,

How to Bring Your Holiday Home

The lovely beach at Playa Flamingo We all love being on holiday. For many of us, the highlight of our year is when we get to set foot in the place we've never been and go explore. Or even reconnecting with good memories somewhere we've travelled to many times. Sometimes holidays are busy and hectic but exciting, sometimes they are chilled out and soothing for the soul. But everyone dreads coming home. So I had a few thoughts about how we can bring that holiday feeling back home with us, to make the weeks we while away at work and home that bit brighter... (some are more serious than others!) Bring that holiday feeling home on the plane! 1. Being friendlier : When we were heading out in Lanzarote, I left the hotel room while Phil was dillydallying and when I realised it was raining out I called back: 'It's spitting!' just as a British bloke walked by at the exact moment and shouted "Everybody in! Everybody in!" a la Peter Kaye... Can'

A week in Lanzarote

Los Hervideros I've got to admit, when I thought about Lanzarote I thought it would be all Brits eating fry ups and drinking lager all hours of the day and turning into lobsters on sun loungers by the pool. Don't get me wrong, if that's your cup of tea then who am I to judge? Each to their own! But it's not really my kind of holiday. Me and Phil were in real need of a holiday, but neither of us felt like a chilly Northern European city break, so we looked for somewhere cheap and cheerful in The Canaries where the sun would hopefully shine and we could get some relaxing done and spend some time reconnecting. We found a bargain flight and hotel combination on the volcanic Spanish Island and soon after I started researching the place, not really knowing what was on offer! Cheap but cheerful: Hotel THB Flora, Puerto del Carmen I started on Tripadvisor, where someone who had recently stayed at our hotel praised its location in Puerto Del Carmen next to a sh