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Self care when you're by yourself

When you live with other people, there's always someone around who knows whether you're eating and sleeping or how you're doing after a tough day. But when you're living by yourself I think it's easy to fall into bad habits. If you're new to living alone it's normal at first to really live out that independence and eat when you want, sleep when you want - have cake for breakfast or nap at 3pm... drink until 2am on a weeknight... Kind of like being a fresher at uni! But it's probably not great to do that in the long term... nor when you're 32. It's still nice to have your independence and to make choices that other people don't need to agree with, but sometimes those choices can become a bit too unhealthy for your own standards of wellbeing. See more at @lauraheartlines I feel like I've been socialising a lot and drinking far too much lately, and I know I need to cut it down. It's great to be sociable and I've b

What I learnt on my first holiday alone

Holidaying with another person or another group of people is not without its pitfalls. You don't always agree on when or even where to go, budgets aren't always equal and not all accommodation is to everyone's tastes. Then when you get there, you all have to agree on your itinerary, where you want to eat, what time to get out/go to bed and when to nap (you all know you like a holiday nap!) and it's sometimes a bit frustrating having to compromise all the time. It's always good fun though and I've only had a very few holidays I haven't really enjoyed for various different reasons... but I have always wondered what it might like to go solo, and have a trip entirely on your own terms. I've written previously about how I'm giving relationships a rest and enjoying some time to myself. But I don't want to miss out on travelling just because I'm not currently with anyone. I have wanted to visit Iceland for a few years now but h

What I learnt from a month-long 'Channel Swim'

Soooo you guys all know by now that I swam 22 miles last month to raise money for a special little lady called Amelia - you can donate to her fund here ! Amelia developed quadriplegic cerebral palsy after a traumatic labour despite her parents Chloe and Chris experiencing a really straightforward pregnancy. It means she has limited mobility and can't do things other children her age can do - something her parents are supporting her with through specialist physiotherapy and services not available on the NHS - and of course all this comes at a cost. They've been fundraising themselves non-stop and I wanted to do something to help them out. I had wanted to do a swim challenge for a while as my legs haven't been up to much running for a few years now (chronic compartment syndrome) but wasn't sure what.. it's too cold for outside and I'm a bit far from any lakes! As long as you don't count East Park... The challenge coincided with a move into Hull a