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Inbetween Days

I think a lot of people are like me in this way. You go into a shop and you look on the rails, but you can't find your size anywhere. I normally wear a 14, but sometimes in large running dresses I wear a 12, and in small running trousers or jeans I wear a 16. It's a lottery. I've pretty much always been between these sizes. When I've lost weight I've never been below a 12, when I've put on weight I've never been above a 16 - apart from once - but when my size 16s stopped fitting I decided to start dieting. It's strange to be this kind of in-between size, even though there are a lot of us who are here. If like me you're overweight and look a bit too chubby for your frame, then generally you're not accepted in the 'attractive by society's standards' category. But by the same token, if you're not obese or plus-sized, then you don't really fit into the plus-sized community either. It seems like there aren'