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Winter Walks in Hull and East Yorkshire

Winter is a great time to go walking. It’s cooler than in the summer so you won’t overheat, you don’t have to worry about sunburn and bugs, and if you end the walk with a hearty pub meal to warm you up it’s well deserved! Lately me and Jono have been doing a lot of countryside walks - but they’ve been so muddy! We turned up to the Triton for a nice meal at Christmas time covered from head to toe after doing a Welton stroll.  So these walks are a little different - I’ve placed them in towns and cities and a few less-muddy countryside and seaside spots so you don’t come back blathered!  There’s a few in Hull and the rest are dotted around East Yorkshire. Let me know where you like to walk when it’s not as nice out there!  Hull Victoria Dock: Parking on Fruit Market, I’d start this walk with a visit to the newly renovated Victoria Pier, which is open again after the completion of some recent floodworks. Walking past the Minerva pub down to the Marina, take a right down Humber Street and t

Restaurant Review: Eden, Princes Avenue

A horror story took place Saturday October 31st, 2020.  Hull was about to be plunged into the new Covid-19 tiering system, and it was the last night before the City's pubs and restaurants had to close for many months. There was a bottomless Halloween brunch... things got messy . More cocktails than brunch food was consumed. There may have been green vomit (not mine thankfully!). The scene of this ghastly atrocity was Lucca, a trendy if somewhat inauthentic Italian restaurant on Princes Avenue. We'd had a great few hours, loads of fun, but didn't really pay much attention to the food being served between all the cocktails on offer! Fast forward to January 2022... we're all triple vaxxed and several covid variants and Downing Street party revelations older.  And somewhere in between the craziness of lockdowns and tiers and scotch eggs counting as a substantial meal, Lucca had a botanical makeover and became Eden . We'd noticed the transformation from the slick black b

Our First London Trip

There was a time in my life when it felt like I was visiting London every few months. I’d never been to the capital as a kid, so as a young adult I loved getting to know the city, which was just a few hours' train journey away. Me and Jono had been talking about visiting for ages, and with some time off booked we decided now was a good time to get back to the capital! One place I’d never been to in London was Camden, so we got ourselves a night at the Camden Enterprise Hotel (above the pub!) and made an itinerary of fun things to do. We booked duo tickets with Hull Trains to save 33%, and set off nice and early from Hull at 8.30am, I had lots of fun telling Jono all kinds of boring things, like how Howden train station is in the middle of nowhere and how Doncaster station didn’t used to have lifts and I got stuck taking huge cases home from uni up and down the stairs. Arriving in London, our first stop was Borough Market ! Both being big foodies with big appetites, we loved this