Winter Walks in Hull and East Yorkshire

Winter is a great time to go walking. It’s cooler than in the summer so you won’t overheat, you don’t have to worry about sunburn and bugs, and if you end the walk with a hearty pub meal to warm you up it’s well deserved!

Lately me and Jono have been doing a lot of countryside walks - but they’ve been so muddy! We turned up to the Triton for a nice meal at Christmas time covered from head to toe after doing a Welton stroll. 

So these walks are a little different - I’ve placed them in towns and cities and a few less-muddy countryside and seaside spots so you don’t come back blathered! 

There’s a few in Hull and the rest are dotted around East Yorkshire. Let me know where you like to walk when it’s not as nice out there! 


Victoria Dock:

Parking on Fruit Market, I’d start this walk with a visit to the newly renovated Victoria Pier, which is open again after the completion of some recent floodworks. Walking past the Minerva pub down to the Marina, take a right down Humber Street and take in some shops. At the end of Humber Street cross Queen Street onto High Street and over the footbridge, taking in the tidal barrier and the amazing view of the Deep! You can head to the water’s edge via the Deep car park, and the promenade leads all the way to the Siemens wind turbine factory - these huge towers are well worth a look! Look out for the Humber Bridge on your walk back to Fruit Market - maybe stop for some grub at the Minerva - or the Humber Street Fish Co if you’re feeling fancy? Approx 3 miles.

Victoria Pier, Hull


I know I always recommend this walk, but I love seeing the different works of graffiti art - they’re always changing so there’s always something new to see! I’d park on Sculcoates Lane and do a lap up Bankside to Clough Road, then turn around and walk all the way into town following Wincolmlee. I’ve heard the Whalebone is a nice place for a stop for a crisp sarnie! You can cross Freetown Way and extend the walk into town, or go back up to Sculcoates via Wincolmlee, Bridlington Avenue or Beverley Road. (If you’re really tired you can always catch a bus…) Smithy’s chip shop on Beverley Road is the perfect place to soak up any pints you had on the way! Approx 4 miles via Beverley Road. 

Bankside, Hull

East Park and Garden Village: 

Parking on James Reckitt Avenue, take the side gate into the park and head around the lake - whichever way you fancy! Once you get to the far side of East Park on Holderness Road, take the exit and head down the road to Laburnum Avenue. Head down to Maple Gorve, taking in the pretty houses, as you make your way towards The Oval, where some of the loveliest houses on Garden Village are. Making a circle around the Oval, walk up May Tree Avenue then Lilac Avenue back onto Laburnum and back to the park. Take the opposite side of the park back round to Malet Lambert School! There’s places to eat in the Park like the cafe, or on Hedon Road such as the East Park Chippy. Approx 3 miles. 

East Yorkshire


Most of the seafront towns in East Yorkshire have a great promenade, and Hornsea has quite a long one! From the main beach car parks, you can walk really far down the promenade and along the beach, having a bit of a workout over the jettys as well! Plus, there are plenty of fish and chip shops to warm you up at the end of it all. Approx 2 miles. 

Hornsea beach

Bridlington to Sewerby

Sewerby Hall is in itself a lovely place for a winter walk, but there’s also a cliff-top path along the top which connects the village to Bridlington. The walk is quite long at 2 miles (so a 4 mile round trip), but you can always get the bus back, whichever way you decide to walk! There’s a cafe at Sewerby Hall and lots of pubs and cafes and fish and chip shops in Bridlington.

Bridlington promenade


Beverley is a great day out, there’s so much to see and do. This walk takes in the high street and both churches, so if the weather isn’t that great you can always pop in for a short break. You can also extend this walk to the Westwood! Starting at the Flemingate multi-storey car park, make your way across to Armstrong road via the shops. There you’ll see a footbridge over the railway lines, and once on the other side you’ll be just down the road from the Minster. Head down Eastgate towards the town centre, and onto Wednesday market. Take a stroll along the pedestrianised shopping street of Toll Gavel down to Saturday market. Once on Saturday market, head out to North bar within to St Mary’s Church. Once here, you can carry on down to North bar, taking in the Coronation Garden, or head back up to Ladygate and Walkergate to see the other part of the town centre. Head back to Flemingate via Railways Street then Armstrong Way, or Eastgate to say bye to the Minster. There are so many places to eat - Vanessa’s being one of my favourites, as well as Poma cafe. East 42nd bakehouse and TC Patisserie are good for picking up snacks. So many pubs too, The Monk’s Walk is my recommendation. Approx 2 miles - can be made longer via heading to the Westwood from the Minster! 

Goole docks and riverbank walk:

Goole is lucky to have a riverbank which is largely paved,so mud isn't too much of a problem during the winter! It also has a docks you can walk through following the designated path - which is great fun for history geeks like me. Parking on Hook Road near the riverside gardens, with the bandstand, head up to the riverbank via the steps or the ramp. Follow the path along to the town centre, down the top of North Street onto Aire Street. Take in the old georgian architecture, before crossing the bridge to the docks. Follow the docks round onto Bridge Street, where you can head back into town over the many bridges! You can stop for a bite to eat in any of the town’s cafes, one of the places I want to try is the Portuguese cafe on Estcourt street. Head back down Hook Road with it’s pretty houses to your car, or walk along the riverbank once more.Approx 2.5 miles.

Goole Riverbank Views

Market Weighton to Goodmanham:

This walk may be slightly muddier than some of the others, so be prepared, but most of this pretty walk is on paths. Parking at the free car park on Londesborough Road, head across to Hall Road and find the Hudson Way trail left at the fork along to Goodmanham. It will take you past St Helen’s Well (stop and make a wish for good health!) until you read a road, where you turn left to go to Goodmanham village. Be warned - there is a steep hill to climb up to the village! Stop for some food at the Goodmanham Arms, a lovely ancient pub, or the Fiddle Drill, which I’ve never been to but is meant to be nice!

Head back to the town along Goodmanham Road, or cut across back to the Hudson Way following the signs across the fields. Approx 3 miles. 

Goodmanham from the Hudson Way

All photos taken by me! 


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