Veggie January: Week Four

A classic Pinoli pizza at Zizzi
Our final week was here!

Back from a week holidaying in Lanzarote, we kept our promise of completing our challenge when we got back.

We headed to the supermarket and rather than having a set list of meals to make, we decided to just have a look in the fridges and freezers and see what Morrisons had to offer!

I was completely over healthy eating the week after I got back from holiday. It was sooooo cold when we touched town, I'd got used to eating big portions on holiday and just thought, well, might as well have another week off the calorie counting...

Veggie sausage, mash and a northern amount of veggie gravy...

We ate a few different dishes, Phil fancied a curry so we had butter chicken curry with quorn pieces, I made a tagine with quorn pieces another day, we had a lasagna made with vegan mince, and we had some easy meals like sausage and mash when I craved some classic British food after a week abroad (none of that foreign muck, jk.....)

Saturday was our last day and I was eating out all day!

The 'full English' from Frankie and Benny's

So we went to Frankie and Benny's for brunch and Phil had the chocolate and banana pancakes while I had a veggie full English, which was lovely.

In the evening, I went to Zizzi's with some friends in York and had some zucchini fries and a goat's cheese pizza. All was well in the world.

Courgette fries... were delicious

On Sunday, we started the day with a bacon sarnie then went to KFC. LOL.

However, it's been kind of tricky coming back to eating meat.

When we got to the supermarket and saw the shelves of meat we got really stuck. We didn't know what we fancied and it almost felt easier staying veggie! But we have had a few nice meals and I've enjoyed eating fish again, so after this week we'll probably find we do a compromise of different meat and veggie meals each week and continue to lower our consumption of meat in general.

A less than healthy lunch... Tesco veggie bake with a pizza roll

We've been surprised at the choice of stuff available in our local supermarket (Beverley Morrisons) and it made evenings really easy.

Lunch options were however RUBBISH. Definitely not got a good choice at the lunch places near our offices in Goole and Hull at least.

We did so much more cooking, which was nice, expanded our meal options and bonded over our challenge.

Quorn do some really good meat replacement items, like these Scotch eggs

If you're thinking about a veggie challenge at any point in the year, I'd say go for it. There is lots more choice than when I was a veggie teenager or student and it's all been really nice!

We did enjoy our KFC though...

The boneless banquet...

Next week: I take on a week of eating from a food bank for a feature: wish me luck with that one!


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