Week three: Veggie January

Peppers stuffed with quorn mince 

So, this week was the week we struggled a little bit.

And mostly, it wasn't really the choices for the dinner we were cooking, but the lack of options for eating out, buying our lunch or having a takeaway.

I went to Costa for breakfast this morning and had a long sigh looking at the egg and mushroom sandwich. It's just not a sausage sarnie is it!

If they'd have sold a veggie sausage sarnie, I would massively have gone for it. I guess there's just not the demand for it - so there's not the choice!

My version of huervos rancheros 

But dinners have been good again - apart from all the cooking from scratch meaning the dishwasher has had to go on everyday haha.

Swedish quorn meatballs! 

This week for dinner we've made a veggie ploughmans, mac 'n' cheese, quorn stuffed peppers, Swedish meatballs and Huevos Rancheros amongst other things, but lunches have been difficult again.

I made wraps, Phil had soup, and rice pots, then I tried a few bits and bobs from Tesco that were actually quite nice!

Mmmm lunch at work!

The aubergine bake, butternut squash lasagne and mushroom stroganoff ready meals were all really nice options and quite light on the calories too.

I also just craved sugar like crazy this week and was glad for some veggie and vegan options!

I had some vegan goodies from an online friend in Germany who sent me a selection box at Christmas, and Tesco had some veggie friendly strawberry laces so I got a sweetie fix.

Vegan cola bottles were a godsend 

This week hasn't been quite so good on the exercise front - the star chart has taken a hit! I have had an infected wisdom tooth that has caused me soooo much pain and I have some antibiotics now so hopefully it will be ok for before the holiday... but it doesn't make me wanna go the the gym.

So this week I've done one 5k run and gym session, one 45 minute yoga session and one circuits session. Skipped swimming as it's too cold and haven't walked either - so taken a big hit on the calorie deficit.

Week four of veggie January will be in February.... when we're back from holiday!


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