On Botox, Beauty and Welcoming My Thirties

I don't mind having a boyfriend six years younger than me, though it does raise eyebrows in some quarters!

Generally we've found having an age gap has made little difference to our relationship.

But there is one thing I do worry about, which is appearing a lot older than him.

I know it's stupid to worry about, especially since my mum is nine years older than my dad so it's something that's been normal for me growing up, but it seems like society in general is much happier with the older guy/younger woman situation.

I think this coupled with turning 30 has made me think a lot more about my face ageing and worrying about appearing more mature than my years!

This summer when the sun came out it seemed to bring out some wrinkles on my forehead too and I am somewhat panicking. I was gonna get wrinkles eventually, even if people still think I look younger than I am!
A wrinkly subject!

Staring at these new lines in the mirror I tried to smooth them out, and wondered what it might be like to try botox.

I've thought about cosmetic surgery lately, as it seems like something that's getting more commonplace, the salon I go to for my brows and nails does cosmetic procedures like botox, fillers and lip fillers and it seems kind of tempting... to go in after work and make my face look five years younger! They're even starting to carry out these procedures in Superdrug, right on the high street...

Of course these treatments aren't cheap. They're also kind of risky, I am still haunted by photos of Leslie Ash's lips gone wrong.

While part of me would like to do anything to keep myself looking young... part of me wants to accept that I am getting old, whether it shows in lines on my face or not!

I've felt strangely ok about entering my thirties. I thought I would dread it, but I enjoyed my twenties, achieved plenty if not everything I wanted to, and feel more confident and secure in myself than I ever did before the age of 25. I am so much more mature than back then, and as I get (hopefully!) wiser, why shouldn't my face match?
20 year old me was much fresher faced than 30 year old me, but I like bold brows and big hair these days!

I think for now I'm going to concentrate on keeping my face moisturised, my body hydrated, and avoiding sun damage to help keep my skin on the right track.

I don't think I'll never say never to anything that's going to improve my skin, but right now I feel ok about being in my thirties, so I'm not afraid to look like I'm in my thirties either. 


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